Sunday, February 8, 2009

Three Musketeers

The Pink Unicorn

I love unicorns. So I couldn't have been more proud when Gabriella picked this baby out of the Valentine's Day crowd during a recent trip to Target.(Yet Another) Elmo

I have to take my hat (begrudgingly) off to the merchandisers at Borders who strategically placed these Elmo dolls near the cash register. Once Gabriella spotted them, she became quite vocal, the checkout line began to grow and, well, Michael didn't stand a chance. Please note: the tag still on. I optimistically plan on taking this bad boy back to the store during Gabriella's next nap.
Geoffers is the original, a baby shower gift from Michael's Aunt Nancy. These days, he's missing an eye (and a nostril for that matter) and sporting the rattle socks Gabriella no longer fits in, but he's still her absolute favorite.

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