Saturday, May 23, 2009

DJR @ 2 months

At two months, Dominic loves to chill out in his Fisher Price swing or Mommy's HotSling. He is our sweet angel baby unless, of course, he's hungry. Then his fiery Italian temper flares and you better have a pacifier on hand to buy a bit of time if you need it. For the most part, though, Dominic is easy to read, easy to soothe and sleeps almost anywhere, if not for very long. Three and a half hours is the current record, one and a half hours is the norm. He tolerates his sister (who gets so excited to be near him that she inevitably hugs too hard or pokes him in the eye) and his mother (who calls him by embarrassing nicknames like Love Muffin); but, if the truth be told, I think his favorite family member is currently the other laid back dude in the house: his daddy.

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