Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amber Alert

This here is the best $89.99 we've spent on baby equipment. Ever. 
And this here is the face that stops supermarket traffic.

Seriously, the other day, I'm paying for groceries, which is no easy feat when you have a baby strapped to you and a toddler acting like a really greedy and determined Veruca Salt who just wants a chocolate chip NOW, even if it means eating one through the bag. So I look up from promising Gabriella her very own Oompa Loompa if she stops gnawing on the gold Ghiradelli package and four cashiers, mine and the three behind her, are all staring at me, well not at me but at the baby strapped to me, with the same intense devotion. It was as if I'd crashed a tween slumber party while wearing Joe Jonas in a backpack. Then I realize, Dominic is making the face and I may need to call a damn AMBER ALERT.

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