Monday, June 22, 2009

DJR @ 3 months

Here is my Love Muffin, my Chicken McNugget.

At three months old, Dominic is really a great communicator. You know when he's tired (he pouts), bored (he whines) or hungry (he yells). The kid would be attached to my left boob all day if I didn't set limits but we're down to two feedings at night (hallelujah!).

Dominic is also a ladies' man. Just make eye contact and you'll most likely receive a flirtatious grin. His first giggle came in response to the word "Mama." (Not bragging. Just sayin'.) And he's been known to make his sister laugh ... genuinely, even hysterically.

So please excuse my unabashed use of foolish food-inspired nicknames. I'm obviously head over heels in love with this little dude, who is actually not so little in Size 3 diapers and Size 6-12 month clothes.

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