Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gabriella's 2nd Birthday Party

Mumpy and Nonnie's backyard is currently Gabriella's favorite place on Earth, and Geoffers is currently her favorite person on Earth so we celebrated her 2nd birthday with a giraffe-themed party at their house.

For weeks, we counted down to the highlight of any child's party: the 'Happy Birthday' serenade.

And when the singing finally began, Gabriella realized, quite unmistakenly, that it was indeed for her and turned to me with all the innocence and awe of childhood and said, "Mama, wow!"

As if we were the only two people in the room. As if I had just hung the moon. Then she turned back to the crowd to enjoy her moment, and I cried.

Motherhood is harder than anyone ever told me, or perhaps just harder than I would ever let myself believe. To do it right, you lose yourself a bit, at least in these early years when your children can't do much for themselves. It is no doubt an occupation marked by sacrifice, frustration, loneliness and exhaustion. But it is also filled with even greater happiness, joy, love and pride.

Happy birthday, baby girl. Being your mom is my greatest privilege.

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