Friday, August 21, 2009

Bye-Bye Bouncy.

Domi got hooked up this week.

The Bugaboo chair replaced the car seat on stroller rides for a whole new view of the world.

We dug through Gabriella's old toys to find the ones Domi can enjoy on his tummy, since lying on his back is so July 2009.

We went to Babies R Us for a tub seat and also came home with a 360-degree play station complete with technicolor piano keys, oversized (and overhappy, if you ask me) flowers and a spinning frog who is quickly becoming an obsession.

Mom and Dad also ordered your very own crib. No more awkward nights' sleep in the Pack-n-Play. No more naps in the bouncy chair. You're getting a proper bed to bomb around in. All we ask in return is that you sleep through the night. Deal?

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